Why buy pink?

Supporting the breast cancer cause all while enjoying practical and fun articles is possible! Thanks to the sale of our Pink Shop products and the products of our valued partners, more than $1.5 million are given to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation annually. Each purchased product makes all the difference for Quebec families affected by breast cancer. All proceeds help the Foundation achieve its mission:

  • Fund research and innovation.
  • Defend interests and provide support.
  • Generate leading edge knowledge and solidarity.
  • Prevention, education and raising awareness.

Discover today the impact of each of your donations and learn more about the Foundation’s various investments!

How to buy pink?

There are two ways to buy pink:

  • Online: You can purchase the items available on the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation’s Pink Shop. 
  • In stores: Some of our partners already have their own distribution network. It is therefore polssible to buy the products directly in stores. (You can view some of our partners’ products on the Shop, but it is possible that the purchase can only be made in stores).

How can I know if the sale of a product truly benefits the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation?

Unfortunately, there are some fraudulent products on the market, that use the breast cancer cause in order to attract buyers, without actually giving back proceeds to the mentionned organizations. It is therefore important to be vigilant when purchasing: – Make sure that the name “Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation” is written correctly on the product or display. – Make sure that our organization’s logo is found on the product or display. – If you have a doubt about the legitimacy of a product or a partnership, do not hesitate to contact us or visit our list of official partners. For any questions regarding the sale of products benefiting the QBCF, visit our frequently asked questions sections now.