For 25 years, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation has placed breast cancer patients and their loved ones at the heart of its mission through research and innovation, support and awareness. We have invested over $50 million in our mission thanks to you. To continue moving towards a future without breast cancer, discover several possibilities available to you.

What type of donation?

Monthly gift

Making a monthly gift is becoming an ally for breast health throughout the year. Each month, a selected amount is pre-authorized to your bank account or credit card. Easily modifiable, (increase, decrease, cancellation) by communicating directly with our services. Each year, you will receive an official tax receipt for all of your gift.

Gift in memory

Make a memorial gift in honor of a family member, friend, or loved one.

One-time gift

It’s a simple and secure way to donate online by credit card or over the phone. An official tax receipt will be emailed to you.

Gift in honor

In order to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, a birthday or a person who is dear to you, the donation in honor is an original way to support our Foundation.

Celebrate your birthday

For your birthday, invite your family, friends and loved ones to support a cause that is close to your heart. By creating a donation drive for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, it becomes your gift list! Your gesture offers ongoing support and comfort to people affected by breast cancer and their loved ones throughout Quebec.

Planned giving

Making a planned giving means offering sustained support for a cause that is dear to you. Indeed, your donation allows you to directly help people with breast cancer and future generations. Additionally, it will also provide you with attractive tax advantages.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation offers several planned giving options.


You can decide to support us by writing a clause into your will that grants a donation to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation upon your death.

This option is simple, modifiable at any time and fiscally advantageous for your estate.


Do you own publicly traded securities, such as stocks, and wish to make a donation to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation?

By transferring securities to us, you support the cause while avoiding capital gains tax, and you will receive a receipt for their fair market value.

Life insurance

There are three available options.:

Buy a new policy  made out to the Foundation.

You will receive a tax receipt for a donation of an amount equal to the policy’s cash surrender value and the premiums you paid.

Designate the Foundation as the beneficiary of an existing policy.

Upon your death, the Foundation will receive the proceeds of your life insurance policy, and your heirs will benefit from tax advantages.

Transfer your life insurance to the Foundation.

In this giving scenario, the life insurance holder transfers ownership of the policy and gets a tax receipt for a donation equal to the policy’s cash surrender value.

If you have not yet paid the full annual premium, you will continue to pay it, but will receive tax receipts for the amount of your payments.



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