Would you like to organize a fundraiser? The Foundation is there to guide you. Your commitment to the cause is an inspiration that allows us to continue taking concrete actions in the fight against breast cancer.

Thanks to your donations and fundraising, our team pursues its mission through research, innovation, support and awareness activities. Since its creation, the Foundation has invested $6.6 million into activities and programs for people affected by breast cancer and their loved ones.

Send us your fundraising ideas (we love new projects!) or browse through our suggested activities for some inspiration.

Still not sure about organizing a fundraiser? No problem. You can still help by making a donation to the existing campaigns at the bottom of this page and supporting activities organized by other members of our community!

Check out and support the activities and fundraisers underway


  • Organize a yard sale
  • Offer your gardening services in exchange for donations.
  • Reach out to people: Set up outside a mall or grocery store to get donations.
  • Sell flowers: Take flowers from your garden or donated ones.
  • Host a comedy or improv show
  • Cut or shave hair or beards: Do it for charity as long as a certain amount is raised.
  • Have a game night: Participants must make a donation to take part in the evening.
  • Hold a community garage sale
  • Organize sports competitions: Charge a fee to participate in a race, walk or marathon.
  • Organize a coffee sale: Set up a table outside your school or community center and sell coffee, tea, herbal tea while raising awareness for the cause.
  • Have a bottle drive: Exchange them at the grocery store for cash.
  • Organize a flash mob or dance contest: Raise awareness and collect donations before and after the performance
  • Host a pub night: Have a local band play music and take donations at the door.
  • Advertise: Display or carry advertising for local businesses in exchange for donations.
  • Host a charity event: Host a ball or invite a guest speaker. Charge admission.
  • Auction off goods and services: Ask local businesses to donate goods and services and auction them off.
  • Host an emergency preparedness course: Charge a fee for training by an expert.
  • Make your voice heard! Invite a speaker and charge an entrance fee or ask for a donation of their fee.
  • Organize a golf tournament: Invite your colleagues, their partners, and members of your community to participate for an entry fee.
  • Organize a fashion show or talent show: Participants must pay an entrance fee.
  • Hold a movie night: Organize a movie screening where admission is based on donations.
  • Offer your services to paint the faces of children at events.
  • Organize a community barbecue
  • Become a tutor: Offer your services for homework help in exchange for donations from parents.
  • Start a book club: You can charge an admission fee or ask for donations.
  • Host a theme night: Choose a country as your theme. Serve traditional food, have appropriate music and games to test participants’ knowledge.
  • Host a board game tournament or marathon: Players must pay to enter.
  • Host a poker or card game tournament: Charge an entry fee and prepare a trophy for the winner.
  • Be creative! Hold an art auction or a custom sweater auction. Create and sell greeting cards or calendars.
  • Collect change
  • Photo Contest: Set a theme and place the photos at your community center. The winner can be determined by the number of donations received.
  • Offer Christmas wrapping services at malls
  • Host a karaoke night: Charge admission or sell tickets in exchange for a performance.
  • Get cooking! Cook a gourmet dinner and ask for a donation for admission.

Fundraising ideas for family and friends

  • Sell on eBay: Auction off your old items and those of your family on eBay and donate the proceeds.
  • Create and sell a personalized cookbook: Ask your family and friends to bring their own recipes and then sell the book at events.
  • Donate for an occasion: Ask your family and friends to donate instead of giving birthday gifts
  • Be sporty! Participate with family and friends in a triathlon, race, walk or other adventure where people may sponsor you for your efforts.
  • Foreign Film Night: Host a foreign film screening in your home and ask for a donation for admission.
  • Host a murder mystery game night: Ask for donations at the door.
  • Organize creative workshops: Host creative workshops for jewelry making, painting, etc.
  • Get your friends involved! Encourage your friends on Facebook and Twitter to make donations.