Step 1 : Create your activity!

Ask yourself the right questions

There are all kinds of fundraising activities. How do we go about organizing them? We have an idea. When choosing a project, ask yourself: Which kind of activity can mix business with pleasure? Why? Who do you invite? When and where will it take place?

Submit your activity idea

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser? It’s time to submit it to the Foundation for approval. Start by choosing the type of activity you wish to organize, by visiting this page. Once approved, an advisor will help you make your activity a success.

Form an organizing committee

Anyone can organize a benefit-activity. Here is a tip: it’s much easier to organize this activity if you surround yourself with the right people. Think about requesting help from people who are devoted to the cause and available to perform some tasks.

Step 2 : Plan your activity!

Plan the activity

Next step: planning is the key to success! Make a list of the tasks (reserve a location, find a sponsor for products or services, recruit volunteers, prepare invitations, etc.). We can guide you every step of the way.

Mobilize the people around you 

Another step consists in sharing your interest for this cause with the people around you. When you invite them to your activity, think about conveying to them your motivation, your goal and all the important details (location, date, needs, participants, etc.).

Make use of promotional tools

You’ll need promotional tools to speak about your activity. The Foundation can provide you with the special tools you’ll need to promote your activity, such as advertising posters, web banners, etc.

Step 3 : Set your goal!

Set your fundraising goal

Setting a financial goal for your fundraising is a considerable undertaking. You can either set a realistic and achievable goal or aim for an amount beyond your expectations if you’re up to the challenge. Set an example: your own donation can incite participants to offer as much. 

Review the expenses

A good way to set a budget is to review the expenses related to your activity. This budget will let participants know the actual amount needed to carry out your fundraising activity. It’s a way to show your own investment in this project.

Find sponsors

Finding sponsors will allow you to reduce the expenses related to your activity and remit a larger amount to the cause. Before contacting companies or businesses take the time to draw up a written proposal that includes the following information: nature and conduct of activity, cause being supported, amount requested, visibility offered to the sponsor, etc.).

Step 4 : Finalise the creation of your activity!

Do follow up

You sent out the invitations but have not heard back from some people? Don’t be impatient! One way to solicit people without insisting is to send them a follow up email asking if they’re interested in your activity, or to send them a friendly reminder by phone. 

Create a web page 

Is there anything more effective than a personalized web page to introduce your activity and receive donations online? With a few simple clicks you can send messages, share your initiative in social networks and check the funds you’ve raised. 

Thank your allies 

The time has come to express your appreciation to everyone who participated in your activity and who, one way or another, contributed to its success. You can let them know the amount of the donations, and, why not, include some pictures of the event with these words of appreciation!

Make a donation Make a donation