A complaint is the verbal or written expression of the dissatisfaction experienced by a person or group with respect to their interaction with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. For example, a complainant may be dissatisfied:

  • how certain funds are spent;
  • have been the target of the same fundraising campaign twice (e.g…:  direct mail)
  • a decision on an application for financial assistance.

Informal process

Everyone is invited to express their dissatisfaction by communicating directly with a director or vice-president of the Foundation. If the object of his dissatisfaction has to do with the work of a director or a vice-president, this individual is then invited to communicate directly with the President and CEO of the Foundation. If the subject of the dissatisfaction relates to the work of the Foundation’s President and CEO, that person is then invited to communicate directly with the Chair of the Board.

The person who received the complaint may make any decision likely to resolve the situation to the complainant’s satisfaction.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response or suggested solution, he or she may engage in the formal complaint process.

Formal process

Any formal complaint must be made in writing to the Foundation’s management. A complaint against the Foundation’s management will be filed with the President of the Board of Directors.

The complaint must contain the following information about the person making the complaint:

  • The complainant’s first and last name;
  • His postal address and e-mail;
  • His phone number;
  • The subject of the complaint;
  • Desired results;
  • The signature of the person making the complaint or the person representing the complainant;
  • The date