Your Pivot Nurse: An Invaluable Resource

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Whether at the hospital or at home, nurses are patients’ most frequent point of contact.

In oncology, pivot nurses wear many hats. They assess both the patients’ and their loved ones’ needs and coordinate care. They also provide crucial information on the disease, the treatments and their side effects, how to manage symptoms and the available resources. Nurses often become a confidant, someone who can help patients better face the unfamiliar, troubling and complex realities of fighting cancer.

Since May 12 is International Nurses Day, the Foundation has invited its ambassadors to pay tribute to these invaluable resources.

I had to go the Lachine CLSC one day and walked in feeling tearful. I had just had a radical mastectomy. I had to get my bandages changed and drains removed. A nurse, Josée Bolduc, greeted me with such a kind smile. She immediately reassured me and explained everything that she would be doing. She doesn’t know how much she eases my distress that day. I can’t thank her enough for taking such gentle care of me.

Sylvie Lafrance, ambassador at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Throughout my chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I could count on the precious support of my pivot nurse, Lisette Martel. Seven years later, she quickly provided care when I saw a change in the shape of my breast and scar. Her support has been truly invaluable in my journey as a survivor.

Carole Boudreau, ambassador at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

It was often the same nurse who gave me my chemotherapy treatments. She knew I was anxious and always took the time to talk and listen to me. I’ll never forget the quality of her care, her compassion and attentiveness to me. I’m always glad to see her during my follow-up visits!

Annie Slight, ambassador at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation