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Meet Cécilia Peugeot, our social worker at the Foundation.

Born in France, Cécilia moved to Quebec in July of 2018 with her husband and two daughters, who were three and six at the time. This lover of nature, the outdoors and gardening has been a social worker for 12 years, working in several fields, including psychiatry (adults and children), home-based end-of-life care, substance abuse, neonatal care, prison system, polyhandicap in children, and employee support in businesses.

Cancer is life-altering. There’s a before, a during and an after. My role is to support and guide you throughout the entire care trajectory: prevention, diagnosis, treatments and post-cancer.

–       Psychosocial support hotline:

Whether you’re a cancer patient, natural caregiver or healthcare professional, if you have any questions about breast cancer, contact me free of charge by email at soutien@rubanrose.org or by telephone at 1-877-990-1717, ext. 274 (toll-free) or, if you’re in Montréal, at 514-871-171, ext. 274.

I’m here to provide you with psychosocial support, like to help absorb the shock of the diagnosis and tell loved ones, for example. I can also refer you to resources, give you information about breast implants and wigs or help you through the process of dealing with insurance companies and filling out certain government forms.

–       “Parlons cancer du sein” private Facebook group

I moderate this private discussion group. “Parlons cancer du sein” is a space in which to discuss, share and be in contact with other people going through the same thing you are. You can be as open or discrete as you like, since it’s not face-to-face conversation. All members must be respectful and open-minded though, which is why we ask everyone to fill out a short questionnaire (it’s just three questions!) before accepting them into the group.

If you wish, you can send me a private message (to Lili Rose) through this group.