Yomni in your own town

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YOMNI will be taking place in Montreal, Quebec City and Sherbrooke, but you can also participate …in your own town!

YOMNI is a fun, outdoor, unifying event on a grand scale centred on the theme of yoga and wellbeing, organized by and for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. YOMNI is for beginners who would like to discover yoga for the first time and for experts interested in practising their favourite discipline in a new location and enjoying an atmosphere of uplifting celebration and solidarity!

Would you like to practise your downward dog, locust pose or Uttanasana stretches, but you can’t attend the events in Montreal, Sherbrooke or Quebec City on June 9 or 10? You can organize a YOMNI event in your own town! Participate in this great movement in aid of women affected by breast cancer! Spread the YOMNI spirit across Quebec by organizing your own fundraiser while supporting the cause of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, the only cancer foundation that invests all funds raised in Quebec in our internationally renowned research centres!

Yomni in your own town

Invite your friends, family or colleagues. It doesn’t matter if your group is big or small. Getting involved is what counts!

This YOMNI event could be the perfect opportunity to…

  • Get together with old friends
  • Have fun with your colleagues outside of the office;
  • Get to know your neighbours;
  • Relax and have fun with your family;
  • Discover a new favourite location for practising yoga;
  • Help someone you know discover the joys of yoga;
  • Simply… enjoy a sunny day!

This yoga event is all about wellbeing, fun and generosity. The activity will do you good while you help advance breast cancer research! Yoga mats at the ready!

Have you organized your event? Have you chosen a date, location and fundraising objective?