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What 2020 Pink Tour participants have to say

The Pink Tour is a big fundraiser for the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Open to everyone, all over Quebec, the Pink Tour is all about going at your own pace in your own way! Whether that’s biking, walking, running or doing yoga in your living room, any way works to go the distance.

The Foundation asked members of its Facebook community why they had joined the Pink Tour this year. We hope their answers will inspire others to join the movement. Here’s what a few participants had to say:

I joined because, last year, I was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer. I was followed, had surgery and received radiation therapy. I stand united with other women going through it and I want to collect donations. Thank you, life! I live in the moment now, accepting what is.

Marie-Josée Léonard

For all the women who are affected by breast cancer, mostly for my clients. Sharing, encouraging each other through the challenge.

Geneviève Patry (from the company Seinplement moi)

To stay fit and keep my morale up after my breast cancer diagnosis and a tough year!

Alexandra Dubé

It’s been 17 years since my mother died of breast cancer. My sister and I are followed closely and it is important that research be funded. Every year since she passed, raising money for the cause is one of our goals. We were looking for a way to honour her memory and we do it by collecting funds each year!

Valérie La Madeleine

I finished my last treatment in December, so I’m doing it for the cause and to help me get more physically fit. Thank you for this chance to take part in such a great cause!

Nancy Vachon

I love running for causes, but this year is a little different because, in March, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since I’m going to be able to run in between my chemo and radiation treatments, I created my very own Pink Tour event!

Mireille BT

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