TOP 10 benefits of spinning

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The benefits of spinning

1) Accessible for all

  • Teenagers, adults and seniors.
  • Low risk of injury

2) Simple and efficient

  • Maximum of 60 to 75 minutes.
  • Caloric expenditure during and after exercise.

3) Improves cardiovascular endurance

  • Increased blood supply to the heart
  • Better oxygen consumption.

4) Burn calories

  • Improved BMI
  • Weight loss.
  • 1 hour of moderate intensity cycling burns about 420 to 622 calories (Harvard Health)
  • Improved metabolism.

5) Move in a group

  • Be part of a community.
  • Be inspired by the energy of your peers.

6) Motivating

  • Training on music.
  • Allows to maintain a regular training frequency

7) Respect your own pace

  • Possibility to choose your speed and level of difficulty.

8) Low impact on joints and tendons

  • Effective in recovering from an injury.

9) Power in the legs

  • Use several large muscle groups (hamstring, quadriceps, abdominal and glutes)

10) Improves mental health

  • Reduces anxiety and stress (release of hormones)