Sweepstakes for the Cure

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* Revised on September 20, 2017 – Please note that we are no longer associated in any way with the promotion or distribution of the “Calendar Sweepstakes” in aid of fighting breast cancer, whose 2018 campaign will be online shortly.


The calendar For the cure 2017 is now available. S4C for the Cure will give 75 % of the net proceeds to the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. 100 % of all the additional donations made to this initiative will be given the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. 

*No expenses have been spent by the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation for the promotion, distribution and prices for this initiative. The full amount of costs have been covered by our partner Shop 4 Charity.

Several fabulous prizes to be won : trips, cars, jackpots and much more! The Calendars for the Cure 2017 are for sale at the participating Metro’s and the Brunet’s drugstore, or online.

For more informations about the calendar For the cure 2017, contact the 1-800-949-4103 or by email at serviceclientele@calendrierpourlacause.ca

Please note that the calendars ordered online or by mail are already activated for the sweepstakes. Only the calendars bought in Metro’s and the Brunet’s drugstore need to me activated.