Support the cause from your workplace

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More and more enterprises try to make a difference by getting involved in causes that are close to their heart and they welcome employee’s initiatives in that sense.

Organizing your own fundraising in your working environment doesn’t need to be a complicated and constraining task.  Simple and entertaining ways exist to support the breast cancer cause and, at the same time, encourage team spirit and commitment.  First you must get authorization from your executives or from human resources.

Here are few activity ideas that may inspire you:

Casual/thematic day

Suggest your colleagues to wear jeans in exchange of a donation; or organize a “Pink for the Cause” day, where the employees must wear at least one pink item.

Cross-departmental challenge

Whether it is a sportive or a “trivia“ challenge, this activity will no doubt create a fun and competitive atmosphere.  The winning team will get the privilege to donate on its own behalf the money raised for the cause.

Half and half draw

Sell tickets for the draw.  The winner will receive half of the profits and the other half will be given to the Foundation.  This idea is really easy to execute.

Pastry sale

You master the art of cooking pastries?  Prepare those fabulous desserts that everyone loves and serve them, in exchange of a donation, at lunch time.

Boss cookout

By making a pre-set donation, employees are invited to participate to the meal prepared by the management team.

Crazy accessories

Now is the time for you and your colleagues to wear your most corny and crazy clothes. Write participant names on different pots accessible to all and ask the staff to vote for the piece of clothing that made them laugh the most by putting money in the pot.