PAROLE-Onco’s Mission: Hope, Self-esteem, Positive Impact.

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The Foundation proudly announces its support to the PAROLE-Onco program. Pre-qualified patients who have previously dealt with the disease will guide new patients through their experience in hospitals. Through sharing experiences and breaking isolation, the program aims to bring hope, trust, and increased self-esteem to new patients.

Today, PAROLE-Onco exists in two provinces, and is active in six regions and eight healthcare facilities:

CHUM, CHU of Québec-Université Laval, CIUSS’s in Mauricie-Centre du Québec, East and West-Central Montreal and Gaspésie, and the Stronach Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario.

The four-year project is funded by Canadian research institutes and other contributors such as the Foundation. It is a significant step forward for integrative patient experiences in Québec and Canadian healthcare facilities.

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