Our best wishes for 2019!

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Scientific knowledge is growing quickly in breast cancer, new technologies are benefitting from favourable government policy, and innovation-funding programs are on the rise.

Innovation can be compared to a tidal wave sweeping an entire ecosystem. There will certainly be many benefits despite the significant challenges of integrating such innovation into practice.

Making innovation accessible for the benefit of patients

The frontier of scientific and medical knowledge is advancing increasingly thin and in the years to come, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation will be working to reduce the delta existing between the scientific and technological discoveries and their accessibility for patients. We are financing many highly innovative research projects. For example, artificial intelligence is already bringing never-before-seen acceleration of knowledge, particularly in connection with the discoveries of breast cancer biomarkers. Not to mention the development of increasingly effective biotherapeutics, the use of nanotechnologies to distribute targeted treatments, robotics to be able to operate with greater precision or remotely, and so much more!

Ensure a presence throughout the entire care trajectory

As well, we are currently developing a proposal for services and support programs in addition to what we already have, in order to accompany you throughout your journey, from prevention to the survival period. Through the data gathered thanks to you, we stay relevant and ensure we have a concrete impact to support you and your family.

We already know that within the next few years, we will be able to intervene in prevention through the stratification of individual risk in breast cancer and knowledge in genomics.. Indeed, knowledge of our genetic code will make it possible to predict the effectiveness of new treatments, will offer the possibility of minimizing their side effects and will give indications on the chances of recurrence or metastasis. Precision medicine that will increase survival rates for patients.

I encourage you to continue the conversation, more than ever we need your advice, your suggestions, your concerns in order to best address them.  

You inspire and drive every action we take and our values reflect this.

The entire team joins me in wishing you the best for the New Year.

Nathalie Tremblay, MBA

President and Chief Executive Officer