Move, be motivated, one step at a time!

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One year ago, Myriam Filion, kinesiologist specialized in oncology at the Québec Breast Center Foundation was laying the groundwork for the new kinesio/oncology program to help people diagnosed with or at risk of developing breast cancer: “My Active HealthTM. Since then, progress has been impressive. 

The first steps are concrete and accessible to patients.

“My Active HealthTM” is:

  • A mobile app offering personalized exercises
  • Online exercise clips
  • Scientific advances
  • Active and collective events
  • Over 300 women who have joined the community
  • A yoga-oncology program
  • Dragon-boat teams
  • A “well-being” retreat

And this is only the beginning!

Let’s put this in context!

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Québec women. One in 8 women will receive this diagnosis during the course of her life. It is the second leading cause of death by cancer in women. It has been scientifically proven: exercise acts as an effective complimentary therapy! Not only does it relieve and control side effects related to treatment, but it frees the mind, calms and soothes. It helps to better endure treatments and to regain a level of functional energy more quickly.

Doing 150 minutes of physical activity per week diminishes the risk of developing breast cancer by 30%. In people affected, the risk of recurrence diminishes by 12-21% with a 20-minute daily practice. 

Move, be motivated, one step at a time!

In a survey of 232 patients conducted by “My Active HealthTM” in April 2018, 82% said they had a real interest in increasing their physical activity. What’s stopping them: lack of motivation.

“My Active HealthTM” specifically meets this need; that of motivating affected people to move in a safe environment, adapted to their physical and psychological state, in an atmosphere of solidarity and fun.


With its various services offered, “My Active HealthTM covers the whole journey of breast cancer care, from screening to survival. This program is found in Québec, Ontario and the Atlantic Provinces.

In Québec:

  • A research project is currently being developed in partnership with Université Laval. It is geared towards women at risk of developing breast cancer. With the data collected, the goal is to inform the population of the prevention guidelines, reducing the risk of developing breast cancer through physical activity.
  • A new certification program in yoga-oncology aims to make this practice accessible, free of charge, throughout the province for women with breast cancer. More than 20 committed teachers from across Québec participated in the “Yoga Thrive” course given by Dr. Nicole Culos-Reed and Tyla Avnasa from the University of Calgary.
  • Dragon boat teams made up of women with breast cancer and survivors. More than $25,000 is invested each year to support these teams in Montréal, Pointe-Claire, Sherbrooke and Québec.

In Ontario:

  • The CHANGE program, which combines regular physical activity practise with a healthy diet, was adapted for patients in the survival period, that is, when treatments have been completed for over 2 years. In this province, My Active HealthTM is developed in collaboration with Metabolic Syndrome Canada. There are more than 40 participants.

In the Atlantic Provinces:

  • In this region of Canada, My Active HealthTM is in the form of a research program involving specialists from the University of New Brunswick, Dalhousie University, Memorial University and the University of Prince Edward Island. University students in kinesiology intervene with affected people, which helps them to develop an expertise in kinesio/oncology.

To look out for…

  • My Active HealthTM app: A unique mobile app in North America for people diagnosed with or at risk of developing breast cancer. Exercises are proposed according to a multitude of factors: physical condition, treatment type, fatigue level, age, weight, etc.
  • Active and collective events: Myriam Filion, kinesio-oncologist will travel everywhere in Québec in order to host collective and educative walks to promote discussion, the sharing of experiences and the transfer of knowledge.

Join the “My Active HealthTM” community

Website: https://mailchi.mp/ee7396a177a7/8vi8qby143

Facebook page “Ma Santé Active”: https://www.facebook.com/masanteactive/

Private Facebook group “Ma Santé Active”: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MaSanteActive/

Instagram: @masanteactive

The kinesio-oncology program My Active HealthTM by the Québec Breast Cancer Foundation is funded by Ultramar, through its major campaign in October.