Give a little, gain a lot!

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Although we are full of good intentions, we rarely make room for volunteer work in our busy schedule and, most of the time, we put it off until later. Yet, every volunteer in the world will tell you that as soon as you start to implicate yourself you understand the benefits thereof. 

For this National Volunteer Week, we propose 5 good reasons to include volunteer work in your life.

1. Physical and mental health

According to several studies, volunteer work leads to a sense of satisfaction and pride that improves mental and emotional health by decreasing stress and increasing self-confidence. It also decreases depression rate, lowers the incidence of heart disease, reduces blood pressure, and stabilizes the mood.

2. Gatherings and relationships

Volunteer action creates ideal occasions to meet with people sharing your values and working for causes that are important to you. In addition to help improve your social competencies, it favors team and friendship spirit, in a positive environment oriented towards mutual support.

3. Career

Acquiring new competencies, developing your professional network and adding rich experiences to your CV are all good reasons why becoming a volunteer can be advantageous for your career.

4. Collectivity

Volunteer work increases, improves and reinforces the collectivity social fabric, thus making it a better place to live. It brings a true contribution to people in need.  It offers a great way to invest in the community and to help its people.

5. Social identity

Offering time in volunteer work satisfies human need to feel useful.  It increases our motivation and our feeling of accomplishment. Furthermore, volunteer work contributes to create a positive social identity and helps to be perceived as an example in your surroundings, and in the society in general.

So, what are you waiting for? Become an agent of change, today! 

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