The Foundation Is Participating in Clinical Trials Quebec’s Pilot Project

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The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to announce that it has joined Clinical Trials Quebec’s Personalized Support Service pilot project.

This support service, developed by Clinical Trials Quebec and powered by CATALIS Quebec, offers patients of all ages and medical conditions, as well as their caregivers, the possibility of finding clinical trials meeting their criteria. Clinical Trials Quebec’s team of health professionals guides patients and their caregivers through each step of their search and provides an overview of the clinical trials currently available.

The Personalized Support Service is a new, bilingual, and free service designed to offer a compassionate and user-friendly support to patients and caregivers in Quebec. The support service’s goal is to provide patients and their loved ones with accurate and verified information so they can initiate or facilitate discussions with their medical team about participating in a clinical trial.

In the initial launch phase of its pilot, the Personalized Support Service will focus solely on a few patient communities, including the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, by offering simplified access to sometimes complex information about clinical trials.

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is very pleased to be part of this pilot project. This service is perfectly in line with the QBCF’s objective of promoting access to clinical research for all people affected by breast cancer in Quebec. This human support will allow patients to have a global vision of existing clinical trials, opening up to discussion and decision-making shared with their care team,” said Cédric Baudinet, Director, Investments and Health Promotion at the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

Cédric Beaudinet, Director, Investments and Health Promotion

Clinical Trials Quebec’s Personalized Support Service is complementary to the other programs seeking to improve Quebec’s clinical research environment and serves as an opportunity for participants to obtain a summary of the various clinical trials that correspond to their needs.

To make a cost-free request to the Personalized Support Service, or to learn more about this pilot project, you can contact the Clinical Trials Quebec team by phone at 1 866 669-6814 or by e-mail at contact@recherchecliniquequebec.com You can also view the project’s microsite at recherchecliniquequebec.com.