Cancer and Femininity: Beauty Tips

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This illness may dampen our morale and treatments may reduce our energy, but we’re still so very much ALIVE! That’s why we want to feel BEAUTIFUL. And there’s nothing better than this little daily routine to help us feel—and look—great.

  1. Start every morning by carefully preparing your face for make-up. Use a day cream with good sun protection for that delicate and sensitive skin, and eye contour cream to reduce any fine lines and bagginess under the eyes.
  2. Then, add a layer of light foundation to even out your complexion and a little blush to give yourself some colour (we don’t want to look sick, right?) 
  3. Draw a thin brown line around your eye to give the impression of lashes. If you’re feeling like a flirt, go ahead: add some eye shadow!
  4. Drawing in some brows is a must. Without eyebrows, we look sick. They frame the eye and bring it some life! And that’s exactly what we are: ALIVE! To draw in eyebrows, apply a little blush the same colour as your hair with a bevelled brush or use a pencil to draw short fine lines (going in the direction of nose to ear). **The Beauty Project beauty consultants will be able to help you find your natural line.** 
  5. A vivaciously coloured lipstick is the finishing touch to your make-up. There are so many beautiful bright colours out there to choose from! And as they say, the smile is the reflection of the soul. We are not victims. We are fighters who are enjoying life to the fullest! You want your determination, courage and taste for life to shine through in your smile! Your bright lips will catch people’s attention, drawing it away from your hairless head.
  6. Don’t feel like doing the 90s Sinéad O’Connor look? That’s fine, simply wrap yourself up in a pretty headscarf! Opt for colourful clothes. Bright shades give us a special spark and make us shine bright.
  7. Finally, every evening, don’t forget to cleanse your skin and moisturize with a night cream. The skin repairs at night and well-nourished skin will better withstand the effects of treatment and maintain its healthy glow.
Cancer and Femininity: Beauty Tips

Join me by taking part in The Beauty Project! Beauty consultants will be on hand to help you choose the products for your skin and apply your make-up perfectly.


Patricia Claude