A man in that pink wave

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My name is Martin, I’m 51 years old. I have been in remission from breast cancer for two years and I am living my life to the fullest.

On this date last year, one year after I finished my chemotherapy treatments, I was in a male breast cancer awareness blitz. I was doing interviews on TV, radio, in the newspapers. I was an ambassador for the Run for the Cure and a light bearer for the “Centre des maladies du sein” at the CHU de Québec. I was determined to put a little blue in the pink tide. I was delighted to hear this year from spokespersons that fundraising campaigns would help women and men with breast cancer…. (hold a drop of blue in the pink tide!). Although the occurrence of male breast cancer may still seem anecdotal, I still believe that my awareness message still needs to be echoed. As the saying goes, just because we don’t talk about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! In fact, I don’t know of any other men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer after me, but there are certainly some.

This year, I am a little quieter in my awareness drive, but my message remains the same and I am taking advantage of the strength of the pink ribbon by addressing you ladies who are already aware. If each of you tells your spouse, brother or son about it, the goal will be reached quickly. Let’s face it, a retracted nipple, a bump on a breast, on the “chest”, on the “pecs” where anywhere in this region, it’s no more normal for a man than for a woman. And even for a man it must be investigated by a doctor. And remember that breast cancer discovered early is a cancer that is more likely to be cured.

Two years after the end of my chemo treatments, life goes on. She is different and full of fears, but she is beautiful. My children become adults and take flight. It’s fun to see and it fills me with pride. The whirlwind of cancer fades, life regains its meaning and it even gives us gifts. We are indeed happy grandparents of little Eva who makes us realize that life goes on and that she is worth it,

I have returned to work, I have fun, I take time for myself and I enjoy life to the full. I think I have reached a certain balance. When I look back, the storm is only a grey cloud while my future I build it one day at a time, keeping in mind that life must be simple and sweet.

To those who are currently living it, hang on. There is hope. To all of you, remember that our best weapon against breast cancer is early detection. So let’s go check ourselves out!