3 sports recommended after a breast cancer diagnosis

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The nice weather and beautiful days are motivating you to get active?

We’ve selected 3 activities to get you moving and make it fun:

3 sports recommended after a breast cancer diagnosis


Several studies have demonstrated the benefits of fencing after breast cancer surgery.

The practice of fencing, and more particularly of sabre, allows you to move the arm on the operated side in a progressive way. Attacks and guards will unconsciously make you raise your arm higher and higher, while respecting your limits. Add to this a consequent energy expenditure and a safe practice thanks to the protective equipment and the supervision by Masters of Arms, those will ease your last apprehensions which prevented you from starting!

3 sports recommended after a breast cancer diagnosis

I GET OUT: Nordic Walking

First of all, what is Nordic Walking? Very simply, it is about accentuating the natural movement of the arms while walking with the help of two sticks that allow you to go faster and walk longer. This practice is also beneficial for women affected by breast cancer. It involves a higher energy expenditure than normal walking (in connection with the use of the upper body), while allowing to work almost 80% of the musculature and limiting the impact on the joints thanks to the use and the push on the sticks. With the added bonus of an upright posture and outdoor practice, you’ve got plenty to enjoy in the great outdoors!

Don’t have the equipment? No problem! Simple walking provides many benefits and remains the most accessible activity. Without equipment and outdoors, it will allow you to reach physical activity recommendations without realizing it. Whether it’s for a walk, a daily commute, a hike or even to go grocery shopping or to walk your dog. You can do it where you want, when you want, and at the intensity you want by adjusting your walking speed and terrain.

3 sports recommended after a breast cancer diagnosis

I STAY AT HOME: Stretching

Whether you are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy or hormone therapy, you may feel stiffness in your joints or muscles, especially upon waking. Regular stretching can improve this feeling and guess what – no equipment is required! Plus, you can even stay in the comfort of your own home, a real benefit when the weather doesn’t make you want to go outside.

Try to do it regularly, targeting both the upper and lower body, but above all, listen to yourself! Stretches should not be painful (of course, depending on your flexibility, they will be more or less pleasant). And never forget to breathe during each position. You will quickly see the difference!

There are many other sports that can be done following a breast cancer diagnosis. Some of these include dragon boating and yoga. Learn more about these two activities here and (re)discover our My Active HealthTM program, which offers you exercises adapted to your physical condition.

No matter what physical activity you practice, the most important thing is to do it at your own pace, gradually and by listening to yourself. Don’t forget: practicing a little is always more beneficial than not practicing at all!