3 questions to Mark Stolow, founder of Huddol.com

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Through a social connection, Huddol.com empowers caregivers and people with a diagnosis to create a better care experience for themselves and their loved ones.

3 questions to Mark Stolow, founder of Huddol.com

The Foundation spoke with Mark Stolow, founder and CEO of Huddol.com. Experienced social entrepreneur and change marketing specialist Mark Stolow will be speaking at the Foundation’s Forum on May 11. He will be part of the panel that will discuss the theme “Toolkits For Caregivers”.

Question : Huddol, what is it?

Answer : Huddol as the name suggests, is about bringing people together to share experiences and learn from each other. The members of this platform are caregivers, people diagnosed with a disease and health professionals. They support each other by sharing their knowledge, experiences and feelings. The philosophy of Huddol is how can we maximise this collective intelligence? The understanding that people generated as they navigate their health experience. It makes it possible to connect people at the right time in their health journey.

Question : How does Huddol make a difference in the lives of people affected by breast cancer?

Answer : The experience of breast cancer, as a patient and as a caregiver, can be surely confusing, disorienting, emotionally challenging, it affects all aspects of their lives. So, what we really want to do is to make it possible for people to find a sense of solidarity to each other, make it possible to better understand the terrain of their experiences, find a way to connect and support to each other emotionally, and be supportive and, provide practical guidance. It makes that so much easier for someone diagnosed or a family member to understand what is in front of them and navigate in that experience.

3 questions to Mark Stolow, founder of Huddol.com

Question : Where did the idea of founding this service come from?

Answer : Most of the people must deal with a health issue during their live, as a caregiver or a person diagnosed. We address a very far reaching challenge that most people will counter. That’s the reason why we created Huddol. Why not be able to maximise the benefit of bringing together this collective knowledge? Why should anyone ever have to go through a health experience alone, when there is tens of thousands of other people who have walked the same path? Huddol is about a convergence of all these people in one space sharing, caring for each other.

To meet Mark Stolow, join us on May 11 at the Foundation Forum.