Our team

Karine-Iseult Ippersiel

President and CEO

A word from our president

The importance of local support

« As President and CEO of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, it is important for me to stress the value of giving locally. By supporting the Foundation, you are helping to advance research and treatment, and providing essential support to people affected by breast cancer. Choosing to support local organizations means deciding to have a real impact on those closest to you. Investing locally helps maintain a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in our own community.

By donating to the Foundation, you are joining a grassroots solidarity movement that has the power to transform lives and create a brighter future for people affected by breast cancer in Quebec.

Together, we can make a significant difference. Let’s give locally for a lasting impact here at home.»

General Management and Administration

Mélanie Vergerio-Wilhelm

Vice-president, Finance, Administration And Donations

Audrey Marcotte

Senior human resources advisor

Christelle Dawah

Accountant technician

Marketing & communication

Martine Côté

Head, communications & public relations

Pauline Seiler

Marketing and strategic content advisor

Suzanne Matos

Graphic Designer

Fatima Zahra Mernissi

Digital Marketing Advisor

Anaïs Pochodian

Coordinator, marketing and communication

Marc-André Descôteaux



Simon Boisjoly

Manager, donations and philanthropic relations

Catherine Bourdon

Manager, community initiatives

Christelle Kouadio

Partnership manager

Mikaël Fortin

Event manager

Gisèle Umurungi

Partnerships advisor

Antoine Deraps

Coordinator, community initiatives

Inès Mortet

Community initiatives agent

Léa Camicas

Coordinator, donor relations

Samuel Tétreault

Customer service and development agent

Lamyaâ Lyatim

Development and Customer Service Agent

Breast Cancer Programs and Investments

Cédric Baudinet

Director, investments and health promotion

Charlène Marie

Program coordinator

Sandrine Marchand

Coordinator, health promotion and prevention

Lisa Martin

Coordinator, education and awareness

Isabelle Sarrazin

Coordinator, financial aid program

Evelyn Boucher

Community social worker

Patricia Quintana Bárcena

Coordinator, Funding and Support Programs