Since 2006, Mitsou Gélinas has thrown herself passionately into her work as the Foundation’s volunteer spokeswoman. Already painfully aware of breast cancer after losing Monique, a close friend, to the disease, Mitsou accepted without hesitation the Foundation’s proposal to be its ambassador. On behalf of all those affected by breast cancer and their loved ones, Mitsou has committed to making a difference with us.

Mitsou, a devoted spokeswoman

Since joining us in 2006, Mitsou wholeheartedly:

  • Takes part in the Foundation’s various awareness campaigns
  • Listens to, supports and guides those affected who confide in her
  • Helps make the Foundation’s events a success
  • Spreads the Foundation’s impact to a province-wide level

A wife and mother, Mitsou gives her role as the Foundation’s volunteer spokeswoman a special place in her life.

i feel very grateful and privileged to serve as the Quebec Breast Cancer Fondation spokeswoman. I am fortunated to have moving, inspiring ans enriching encounters with people touched by breast cancer, along with their loved ones, health specialists and the Foundation’s amazing team. Thanks to you all, I am nourished every day and determined to make a difference.

Mitsou Gélinas

Mitsou, a multitalented spokeswoman

Mitsou is a precious ally for the Foundation. Putting her expertise and proactive attitude to work, she proudly supports our cause and raises public awareness about this disease that affects one in every eight women in Quebec.

In addition to being a volunteer spokeswoman, Mitsou has donned (and continues to wear!) many hats. She has left her mark on Quebec’s cultural landscape since her television debut at the age of five. Her hit song “Bye Bye mon Cowboy” kicked off her artistic career, and led to roles on the big screen, like in the Oscar-winning film The Barbarian Invasions. Also a businesswoman, Mitsou launched the production company Dazmo with her partner Iohann Martin, and was also director of Clin d’oeil magazine. Mitsou has been at the helm of successful TV shows, like Kampai! À votre santé and Mitsou et Léa. You can listen to Mitsou on her daily radio show Le retour de Mitsou et Sébastien, which airs on Rythme-FM 105.7.