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McGill's Women's soccer team will play in PINK on Friday, October 13th to support those fighting breast cancer. Help us fundraise for the cause!

  • 13 octobre 2017

Percival-Molson Stadium 475 Pine Ave W Voir sur la carte

1.040 $
Objectif 1.000 $


Our PINK game is TODAY! We play for those who can't and want to stand in solidarity with those fighting breast cancer. We've already BLOWN past our previous goals of $400 and $750 - we're raising the bar and aiming for $1000 by kick-off tonight at 6pm. Help us reach our goal!


  • 13 octobre 2017

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Lisa Perrett


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I’m very proud to get involved with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. Join me right now: together, let’s make a difference in the lives of women across the province!

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  • Zoe Fasoulakis

    25.00 $

    Go Martlets!! <3 :)
  • Don anonyme

    25.00 $

  • Kathrin Burdenski

    40.00 $

  • Adriana Alfano

    100.00 $

    This fundraiser is a beautiful gesture! Good job Martlets, on and off the field you are all amazing.
  • Cynthia Farrell

    44.00 $

  • Don anonyme

    50.00 $

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