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Major Signs of Breast Cancer

In most cases, breast cancer develops over several years without any signs, so it is important to:

  • detect it early with regular medical check-ups; 
  • adopt healthy living habits that promote a cancer-free life.

Moreover, even women with no family history of breast cancer and no other risk factors can develop breast cancer. Therefore, unfortunately, no woman is immune from this disease.

The most classic sign of breast cancer is a painless lump or swelling in the breast. Be alert for any such change.

Other possible signs of breast cancer you should look out for :

  • a change in the size or shape of your breasts;
  • appearance of pits or folds in the skin of a breast;
  • redness, swelling or increased heat in a breast;
  • persistent itching;
  • inverted nipple, that is, a nipple turned inward;
  • a scab or desquamation (small detached flakes of skin) on a nipple.

If you observe any of these signs, consult a doctor right away. To find out more about the signs to look for, and to obtain their full list, visit our breast observation microsite.