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Take Your Breast Health into Your Own Hands!

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation encourages women to make healthy lifestyle choices by integrating a few simple actions into their daily routine.


  1. Breast observation
    Know your body and be aware of recent and persistent changes.
  2. Clinical breast exams
    See your doctor once a year or once every two years for a clinical examination.
  3. Mammographies
    Have a mammography once every two years if you are between 50 and 69 years of age, or according to your doctor’s recommendations.
  4. Cancer heredity
    If there is a history of breast cancer in your family, discuss it with your doctor.
  5. Nutrition
    Eat healthy. A balanced diet low in fat, with plenty of fibre, fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
  6. Weight
    Watch your weight. Overweight people have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.
  7. Physical activity
    Run, walk, move… Regular sports activity reduces the risk of breast cancer. It’s never too little to derive benefits. Studies suggest that 30 minutes of physical activity per day reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  8. Tobacco
    Don’t smoke and avoid second-hand smoke.
  9. Alcohol
    Drink alcohol in moderation.
  10. Balanced life
    Lead a balanced life and avoid stress. Healthy lifestyle choices promote good health.