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Get to Know Your Breasts!

Whatever your age, it is important to know and observe your breasts, and to identify any possible changes.

Few years ago, doctors taught a specific method of breast self-examination. However, recent research shows that it is not necessary to practise one method of observation instead of another. The important thing is for each woman to know her entire breast area—including nipples, collarbone and underarms—in order to detect what is normal and what is not.

In general, most detected changes are not cancerous. For example, it can be normal to find small lumps in your breasts or for the breasts to be more sensitive before your period. However pay attention to any recent and persistent change, and, if in doubt, talk to your doctor. For further details, visit our microsite on breast observation.

If you have any questions on breast observation, or if you are not sure of doing it right, talk to a family doctor, a gynecologist, or a nurse specialist, or contact us.