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I commit to a fundraising activity

What is the purpose of fundraising? Bringing people together to raise funds shows an altruistic attitude that sparks our generosity. By participating you are contributing more than you realize towards strengthening the action of the QBCF devoted to the cause.

I make a donation

Giving is a generous gesture that raises hope in those affected with breast cancer and their loved ones. It's a precious gift that strengthens the mission of our organization, devoted entirely to the advancement of this cause.

I inform the people around me

Why inform people around you? Making the QBCF known to people around you is a wonderful way to raise people's awareness about the issues related to our action, our reliable resources and our support activities. Spreading the word is another way of sharing your commitment!

I give a testimonial

Are you affected by breast cancer? Would you like to speak on behalf of a loved one? Would you like to speak about your own experience? Your testimonial deserves to be heard and can make a difference.